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(2011- Effe Music / Family Affair)

  1. Levante
  2. Kundalini
  3. Il silenzio intorno
  4. Terraross
  5. Leaving
  6. Lost in her dance
  7. Zahir
  8. Father
  9. Carrousel d’hiver
  10. Labyrinth
  11. Under Manhattan sky

“Zahir- a term derived from the Arab culture, is a frequent thought, an uncontrollable obsession that insinuates itself slowly at first till it comes to posses you completely. The person who becomes its victim, cannot help but to give in, follow the wave on this constant thought and live the inquietude that derives from it, until it is resolved”.

Four years after Seven, Massimo Carrieri’s debut album, Zahir is the title of his brand new album produced by EFFE MUSIC and distributed by Family Affair. A project which arrives as a completion of a research phase, not only artistic, in which the author reveals in an almost autobiographical form the beginning of a new course.

Zahir is the story of more interconnected stories that geographically move from a Levante, introductive prelude of the album, ending up in the opposite extreme in Under Manhattan Sky, two tracks not casually united by the same melodic motif. A real lived experience which becomes a space/time metaphor in which the creative and narrative development of these eleven compositions takes life, in a form which also leaves room to improvisation, in a succession of various stylistic, timbre and interpretative solutions. Around the piano interact a series of characteristic elements: voices and ethnic instruments, sound processing, use of “prepared” piano and with overdubbing.

In Zahir Massimo Carrieri manifests his personal attraction towards the “sounds of the world”, echoing the colors of his own native country (Terraross), the mystic atmosphere of the nearby Mediterranean area (Il Silenzio intorno), the esoteric ambiance of rituals appertaining to distant cultures (Lost in Her Dance). There are childhood memories (Father) and the carousel of Montmartre (Carrousel d’hiver), the emotional burden of all that we leave behind (Leaving) and the awakening of Kundalini, the freedom of Labyrinth and yet again the “cage” of the Zahir, here expressed through the continued and obsessive alternation of two notes.

Zahir is an introspective work, a concept album rich of symbolic referrals and of high spiritual context. Inserted in a cyclical form – like the end of a journey, the album ends leaving a message of light and hope, citations and a return to the classical style of Beethovenian memory.

Guests starring in the album: the folk singer Imma Giannuzzi (Arakne Mediterranea) and Salah addin Roberto Re David, a musician connected to the Islamic tradition of Sufi origin. Sound engineer is Tommy Cavalieri.


photo, cover and concept by: FREM


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