Review by Corriere della Sera

(…)One thing is certain: Massimo Carrieri's obsession, who returns with a new cd four years after the previous Seven, is the East, with its hypnotics sounds, his philosophical asceticism and his esoteric aspirations.. Carrieri does not aspire to tighten wink at pop music but to a simple background, made of evocative sounds and of a meditative breath. The album opens with the minimalism of "Levante" , a gateway to the East and opens the road at the spiralic mysticism of "Kundalini". In "Il silenzio intorno" the piano seems a sitar before that the Arabic song of Salah addin Robert Re David kicks in. So, how much Puglia is close to the East is described in "Terraross ", a track in which the sound of the berimbau is added to the archaic vocal from Salento of Imma Giannuzzi. It proceeds by iterations rhythmic- melodic, rarefied atmosphere, crystal colors and diaphanous timbres (Leaving , Lost in her Dance, Zahir, Father). When, suddenly, you change latitude, and with “Carrousel d'hiver” the question becomes more unpredictable, you end up on a carousel in Paris, from portions of Montmartre. And soon after, remains trapped in a motivic maze (Labyrinth ). The Carrieri's journey closes in New York, with "Under Manhattan Sky", in which the musician - with a wink to jazz music - takes up the theme of “Levante” to make the carpet of credits of an autobiographical movie, with the final quotation of the hymn to the joy by Beethoven, to be interpreted as a message of hope.”

(Francesco Mazzotta)

"Zahir" review by Pianosolo

“…Massimo Carrieri in "Zahir" tells his own experience, with sincerity and creativity. His solo piano is original and passional, synthesis of a classically trained well assimilated with jazz studies and a keen interest for all music genres; the pianist reworks all these elements critically to create a very personal style...”
(, Paola Parri) read the full story

"Zahir" review by Musicaround

“Massimo Carrieri is back. Four years after "Seven", the Apulian pianist and composer takes us on an exciting new musical journey, giving us from the first listen, a delicate and dense mosaic of sounds and melodies with irresistible flavor so vaguely exotic so like very familiar, accompanied by a delicate touch and a tone more and more refined and capable.”
(Musicaround, Oscar Cacciatore) read the full story

Autobiographical, introspective, and metaphorical Zahir

“A biting album, floating on the metaphors, nourished by a contemporary pianism spotted with world music. Eleven tracks that draw eleven stories, arranged on a geographical imaginary journey that born where the sun rises and dies where the sun disappears.”
(La Musica intorno, Maurizio Mazzacane) read the full story


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