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(2007 - Indie / distr. Wondermark)

  1. Walking in Paris
  2. Inner points
  3. Mr.Gradus
  4. Romance
  5. Like a dream
  6. L’alba di Leuca
  7. Sophia

Seven piano compositions present the debut recording of Massimo Carrieri.
Unfolding on a thread of “classical” contemporary music, they reveal languages and rhythms of different nature.
Of a Romantic/European imprint, “Seven” summons up heterogenic musical worlds and moods, from jazz to sounds that recall melodies from the Italian popular tradition, leaving room also for moments of improvisation. “Seven” hides a suggestive story: it has been entirely recorded inside a place for prayer and meditation in the countryside near Lecce (Apulia, Italy).
“It was my choice,” says the composer, “I was passing by this building one day and the medieval castle-like architecture fascinated me. Once the scores were completed, I remembered that unusual place. I wished to avoid the coldness of a recording studio and the technicians' routine. I remained inside it for five days, alone; myself, the grand piano and the recording equipment, which had been transported there. I just had to press a button and start playing.”
“Seven” reflects the intimate atmosphere of those rooms, drawing its nourishment from evocative images and a strong influence from the impressionist movement. They are seven distinctive “pictures” that do not identify a specific creative genre, but tell the internal mood and artistic journey of the composer himself.

"From time to time, some albums stand out because of their great ability to convey a deep message: not only because of what they sey but also, and above all, because of what they imply... The compositions in "Seven" are more than exercise in esthetic self-satisfaction, they intend to describe situations, being them real or imaginary, where the music guides us, holding our hands, in an uninterrupted release of acoustic visions to be contemplated..." (Musicaround - O.C.) Read the full review on Read the interview


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