Pianist and composer by classical and jazz training. Contemporary by vocation, organization and improvisation, tradition and innovation converge in his music.

Originally from southern Italy, he lives in Milan. A temperament fueled by a rather heterogeneous background: graduated in Pipe Organ and Jazz Piano at the “G. Verdi ”in Milan, he specialized in film music at the Accademia Chigiana in Siena and at Berklee College in Boston. Among his teachers are: Giancarlo Parodi, Antonio Zambrini, Umberto Petrin, Marco Tutino, Gianni Possio, Pino Jodice, Luis Bacalov. His experiences and collaborations alternated over the years have varied, by theater to pop music, by musicals to TV show, and a personal attraction for "world music", images, travels. All these elements have characterized his idea of playing and composing music, a thought that rejects any form of classification, closer to architectural logics. This is a starting point from which he draws a unique and personal aesthetic, a sensitive and refined nature that draws inspiration from often extramusical or properly autobiographical subjects and topics, with a view to continuous research and experimentation.

Right from the start his professional activity developed both as an performer and as an eclectic composer and arranger. A path in which varied experiences and collaborations alternated, between symphonic orchestras ("I Pomeriggi Musicali" and "G. Cantelli" of Milan, the 'International Orchestra of Italy), big bands (Verdi Jazz Orchestra, Salerno Jazz Orchestra), recording studios, and figures of international importance. Among these: Fabrizio Bosso, Nicola Conte, Lica Cecato (Brazil), Marco Tamburini, Gianluigi Trovesi, Antonella Ruggero, Chiara Civello, Charles Hayward (UK), Nico Morelli, Roberta Mameli, Cristina Zavalloni, Serena Fortebraccio, Chris Marianetti (Found Sound Nation, NY ), Land Observation (UK), Massimiliano Pitocco and the "Aire de Tango", Achille Succi, Vertere String Quartet, the Australians Phil Rex and Sam Bates, the pop singer Luca Dirisio, the comic actors Maurizio Crozza and Gioele Dix, the writer Donato Carrisi. Scores by him have been conducted by Alessandro Ferrari, Ermir Krantja, Alberto Veronesi. He write arrangements for television programs, theater, performances, jingles.

A defining moment took place in 2007 with the publication of “Seven”, a self-produced debut album that presented him as a composer/performer. Recorded in complete solitude in a monastery in the Salento countryside, Seven marks the beginning of a new, strictly personal, artistic path. Seven compositions for piano that will move him to New York in April 2009, with a concert at the “Renee Weiler” Concert Hall, followed by a tour in Australia, performing in the prestigious hall of the BMW Edge in Federation Square in Melbourne.

[Winner at the 2009 DEMO / MOVIN'UP competition, mobility program of Italian artists in the world from the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities GAI (Young Italian Artists)]

Four years later, after a long time spent in the "big apple", he come back to Italy and releases "Zahir" (Effemusic), a concept album in which "world music" atmospheres emerge, an introspective, symbolic work of contents spiritual. This project features the folk singer Imma Giannuzzi (Arakne Mediterranea) and Salah addin Roberto Re David, a musician connected to the Islamic tradition of Sufi. On November 2018 he released "Le Clair", a new single and video with which he returned on scene after a long time of silence. On spring 2021 he release another single: "Time goes away".

Among the major festivals in which he took part are: Time Zones (Bari, Italy), Classical Next (Rotterdam), Sound Res (Lecce, Italy), Melbourne Italian Festival (Australia), Serate Musicali (Milano), Corciano Festival, UNESCO Jazz Festival, Piano City Milan, Jazzit Festival, Risonanze Expo, Festival della Valle d'Itria.


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